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Revoluto for the corporate head office of Atel

Aare-Tessin Ltd. for Electricity (Atel) is Switzerland’s leading energy provider, active throughout Europe. The main conference at the corporate head office in Olten (Switzerland) has been provided with conference technology from beyerdynamic.

The conference system includes 31 Revoluto microphone units and 4 interpreter stations. The design of the Revoluto microphone units complies perfectly with the architectural conditions, as it could exactly be integrated into the pencil groove of the table. Another reason to choose Revoluto was the wide distance to the speaker which is made possible by the integrated microphone array.

In Switzerland, beyerdynamic is represented by the company Go Wild in Zug. The system has been installed by the company Steiner Elektronik from Regensdorf.

1 x MCS-D 200 control unit
2 x MCS-D 3173 Revoluto chairman microphone unit
29 x MCS-D 3171 Revoluto delegate microphone unit
31 x DT 1 S earphone
4 x MCS-D 202 single interpreter station
4 x DT 394.MCS headset

Source: Go Wild, Switzerland

Information about Revoluto:
Revoluto - The microphone unit without gooseneck microphone
Compared to a gooseneck microphone, the microphone units with the patented Revoluto technology provide a corridor characteristic and more comfort while speaking. There is no need to adjust a gooseneck microphone and the voice range is much wider. Whether you lean backwards, stand up or turn your head, the quality of the intelligibility always remains the same with Revoluto.

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