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Revoluto Wireless at the Town Hall in Besigheim, Germany

Meetings in the Town Hall of Besigheim are now held with the new wireless Revoluto microphone units for the MCW-Digital 50 conference system.

The historic half-timbered house dating back to 1459 at the market place in Besigheim, has design elements of different eras inside such as Roman relief plates, Renaissance mural paintings and Baroque stucco ceilings. For the council hall the council wanted a wireless conference system to be used only when there are meetings.

Conference System
The wireless MCW-Digital 50 conference system from beyerdynamic with Revoluto microphone units was chosen. In the charging and transport case they are ready for use at any time and can be set up or removed quickly and easily. Due to the integrated microphone array the participants have more freedom to move, they can lean backwards on their chair, turn their head while speaking or even stand up – the intelligibility of speech always remains the same. The slender design and a broader distance when speaking allows more space on the tables compared to gooseneck microphones.

Conference Room
The conference room is furnished for 26 participants and provides additional chairs for visitors. The acoustical properties of the room are of advantage: carpet, plaster board walls and ceilings as well as timbering reduce the reverberation time.

Sound Reinforcement
The audio for the participants and assessors is transmitted via the loudspeakers integrated in the microphone units. An additional loudspeaker has been installed for the audience in the back third of the room.

Wireless Microphone
The SEM 981 wireless microphone which is routed to the loudspeaker and the microphone units provides a good volume and intelligibility of speech. The microphone is used by the people standing at the screen. By using the SLG 900 charger the microphone can be charged at any time which saves costs and the environment as no disposable batteries are needed.

In order to adjust the Revoluto microphone units to the acoustical conditions of the room, the internal equaliser of the MCW-D 50 is used. The input of the mixer was also equalised accordingly. The wireless microphone was set and equalised separately for the microphone unit’s loudspeaker and the external loudspeaker.

In order to route the wireless microphone to the loudspeakers of the microphone units, the control unit was switched to N-1 to avoid receiving the radio signal twice and delayed with the external loudspeaker. The balanced signal of the MCW-D 50 control unit was routed to the input of the mixer to be reproduced boostedly for the visitors via the PA system like the wireless microphone.

1 x MCW-D 50/3 control unit
1 x MCW-D 533 chairman microphone unit
25 x MCW-D 531 delegate microphone units
1 x CC 13 charging case with additional CD 13 charging compartment
3 x CA 2413 antennas
1 x NE 900 D receiver
1 x SEM 981 handheld transmitter
1 x SLG 900 charger

April 2009

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