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Conference Systems and steno-s in Town Halls

Project: Town Hall in Heilbronn / Germany

  • 120,000 inhabitants
  • Lord Mayor and three councillors
  • Municipal council with 40 members


  • Enter requests to speak in a list by using the microphone button of a microphone station.
  • A request-to-speak is to be allocated by the chairman.
  • Digital recording and control of the meeting (e.g. allocate request-to-speak) - Minute-taking and filing of the recording in the city archive (desire of the municipal council)
  • Improved sound reinforcement in a hall under a preservation order


  • 40 microphone stations for the municipal council (MCS Conference System)
  • 6 microphone stations for the Lord Mayor, councillors and representatives of the administration
  • Computer with touch screen
  • steno-s Conference and Recording software for the clerk’s computer
  • Ceiling with central sound reinforcement


  • Before the meeting takes place, the agenda is written.
  • During the meeting the participants speak into the microphones of the conference system and the audio is recorded.
  • The microphone is released when a request-to-speak is allocated.
  • When pressing the microphone button whilst recording it will trigger the pre-defined name to be marked in the recording.
  • During the discussion or meeting, as the items of the agenda are dealt with, various topics will be discussed, decisions and suggestions will be made and questions will be asked, with everything being able to be logged and highlighted with markers.
  • Different files (such as Excel® or PowerPoint®) can be integrated into the recording.
  • After the meeting, the recording can be typed and printed on paper to facilitate the work of the secretary.
  • Afterwards the recorded meeting including presentations and annotations can be burnt onto a CD-ROM and filed in the municipal archive.


The software can be used for small meetings as well. Simply connect an acoustical boundary microphone with USB connector to a PC or laptop and the meeting can be recorded.


Many communities are already using beyerdynamic’s conference systems as well as the steno-s recording software. Small communities and towns with millions of inhabitants are equally convinced by beyerdynamic’s top quality and technology.

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