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The four categories

The TG 30 series is the perfect introduction to the world of beyerdynamic live microphones. An entry level series that can produce big beyerdynamic sound on a small budget.
With aesthetically pleasing looks and outstanding sound quality, the TG 50 series is ideal for all users. The series covers all applications relating to stage performing – from vocals, instruments and drums, to headsets and lavaliere microphones. TG 50 is the standard Touring Gear series with a truly premium performance.
The models of the TG 70 series go one step further with no compromises: Even better technical characteristics and even higher quality materials for an even better sound. Every detail counts - both during development and during manufacturing. The result: first-class microphones - handcrafted in Germany.
Designed to be the very best in the Touring Gear range, the TG 90 series is manufactured to the absolute highest quality standards and delivers a sound that is second to none. High-end- equipment handcrafted in Germany for the user who is looking for the "non plus ultra". The TG 90 series provides an outstanding performance every time and can handle even the most demanding requirements on the stage.