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Command system for training and stage directions

Synexis helps you communicate your training instructions and stage directions.

The loud shouting of instructions is a thing of the past. Be it for sport, driver training or for giving instructions on large, noisy machines – the Synexis wireless system is the perfect companion wherever training instructions need to be communicated. The Synexis Command System even allows instructions from trainers and experts to be understood over larger distances or loud background noise. This will help you create a positive training environment, carry out training exercises to the maximum effect, and achieve teaching objectives more effectively. Synexis can be used for all kinds of stage directions, for example to coordinate several people.

beyerdynamic Synexis coordinates the play of 150 drummers
At the anniversary of the drummer’s focus school in Munich, 150 drummers receive commands via the wireless Synexis system to ensure they start playing simultaneously.

beyerdynamic’s Synexis system ensures the smooth-running of St. Blasien Cathedral Festival
The wireless Synexis system was used for behind-the-scenes technical directions for the Cathedral Festival in St. Blasien.

For training such as

  • Equestrian sport
  • Rowing
  • Traffic practice areal
  • Dog training field
  • Instructions at machines

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  • Synexis TP8 (USA TP2) beltpack transmitter
  • TG H54c neckworn microphone
  • Synexis RP8 (USA RP2) beltpack receiver
  • DT 1 S single-sided headphone
  • Battery-powered or with optional charger: Synexis CHP charger for one transmitter/receiver or Synexis C10 when using several receivers

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