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TG V50d

    TG V50d (s)

    Made in Germany
    Article Number: 707252
    Delivery time: 3-4 days

    Dynamic microphone (cardioid) for vocals

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    The new standard for the stage an exceptionally powerful sound that never comes across as obtrusive – that’s the basis of the TG V50d and the TG V50d s.

    The combination of sleek design and rugged construction that is perfect for the stage, this exceptional sound makes the TG V50d a reliable companion that you will never want to be without. That is the definition of the new standard for the stage.

    Whether in the rehearsal room or on a stage of any size, the dynamic TG V50d is an excellently tuned live vocal microphone. Especially notable are its balanced sound that is both powerful and natural, its very wide pick-up range thanks to its cardioid polar pattern, and its high feedback rejection; the whole product range is also outstanding in its handling, ruggedness, look and touch. The readiness of the TG V50d is also impressive – plug it in, activate the high-pass filter and it’s ready. It is advantages like these that will win it many fans for use in lead and backing vocals of all music genres as well as by professional rental companies and sound technicians.

    The TG V50d is also available with a switch as the TG V50d s. The switch, which is embedded in the grip, can be locked and doesn’t emit any ‘clicking’ sound.

    Sound Channeling Technology:

    • Finely-tuned volume behind the diaphragm for free diaphragm vibrations and improved bass response
    • Treble resonator to expand the upper frequency range
    • Special sound holes for maximum feedback reduction


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    technical data

    Price category   Mid-level
    Transducer typeThe transducer system is designed as a dynamic moving coil microphone, as a ribbon microphone or as a condenser microphone.   Moving coil (dynamic)
    Polar patternThe polar pattern is the preferred pick-up direction of the microphone. According to the shape of the corresponding measurement plot, there are omni-directional, cardioid, super-cardioid or hyper-cardioid as well as figure-of-eight patterns. microphone   Cardioid
    Microphone frequency responseRange of frequencies transmitted by the microphone from low to extremely high sounds (low to high frequencies).   50 - 17.000 Hz
    Net weight without packaging   389 g

    Spec Sheet

    accessories for TG V50d (s)

    WS 59 AZ
    WS 59 AZ
    Wind screen for M 59/69/88, TG-X 48/58/60/80, Opus 29/39/69/81/89, TG V50d, charcoal-grey
    WS 59 AZ
    MKV 8
    MKV 8
    Microphone clamp (22-32mm)
    MKV 8
    M-Bag M
    M-Bag M
    Microphone bag (medium)
    M-Bag M
    BMC 05 FM BLK
    BMC 05 FM BLK
    Standard XLR-XLR microphone cable, length 5 m
    BMC 05 FM BLK
    BMC 10 FM BLK
    BMC 10 FM BLK
    Standard microphone cable. XLR-XLR, length 10 m
    BMC 10 FM BLK
    ST 600 3/8"
    ST 600 3/8"
    Microphone stand with heavy base plate, 3/8" thread
    ST 600 3/8"
    GST 500 3/8"
    GST 500 3/8"
    Tall microphone stand with telescopic boom, 3/8" thread, black
    GST 500 3/8"
    GST 400 3/8"
    GST 400 3/8"
    Tall microphone stand with boom, 3/8" thread, black
    GST 400 3/8"


    Spec Sheet

    User Manual

    Info material

    For more downloads please refer to our Service section.
    beyerdynamic TG V50d Test report: Dynamic Singing Microphone
    TG V50d, 10.11.2011, Writer: Lennart Scheuren

    (In extracts. Translated from German to English.)

    […] On the whole I have to say, that the producer has developed, with the beyerdynamic TG V50d, a very handsome singing microphone for stage and rehearsal room, no doubt about it. To my mind, this model has the capability to become the plugged “standard of stage”. […]

    […] The 109 Euros, which is the actual street price for the singing microphone from Heilbronn, can be invested with pure conscience. In thanks you will receive in return from beyerdynamic a really good middle class microphone “made in Germany”.



    • rugged protection cover
    • robust microphone clamp with double thread
    • good and solid workmanship of microphone
    • pleasant and perfected sound



    • grip feeling with big hands


    no On/Off switch
    with On/Off switch

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