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Tesla high-end stereo headphone (open)

  • Highly efficient Tesla technology drivers
  • High-resolution sound for a concert experience at home
  • Impedance 250 Ohms
  • Velvety soft headband and ear pads out of Microvelour

Amiron home is our invitation to pure musical enjoyment: just sit back in your favourite chair and let the sound carry you away.

As you listen to the music you love, our sophisticated Tesla technology perfectly translates the emotion and detail of each individual instrument. Never before has your living room sounded more like a real concert hall. Just hearing the first few notes will turn you into a dedicated fan of Amiron home, your superb musical companion that will bring you brilliant and reliable sound for many years to come. Featuring high-quality materials and replaceable components, these perfect-fitting headphones boast outstanding durability and promise a comfortable listening experience for hours on end. Their timeless modern design fits harmoniously into a wide variety of surroundings and underscores our aspiration to excellence.

The name Amiron home represents high-end headphones that embody our boundless passion for music and epitomize the workmanship of being "Handmade in Germany". It is a combination you will continue to appreciate for many enjoyable years to come.

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